Dmitry Malikov gave an Award to the Best Children’s Play
This week Dmitry Malikov attended the annual “Theatre-Lover’s Star” theatre awards ceremony. Since the musician is hosting the most popular programme for children on Russian TV and is the author of the “Lessons of Music” charitable educational project Detail...
Dmitry Malikov visited Yaroslavl
On November the 5th Dmitry Malikov visited Yaroslavl. For the first time ever, the musician did not come to the city to give a concert, but to attend a meeting at the Council of the Russian President’s Plenipotentiary Representative in the Central Federal District which gathered the heads of 18 regions of Russia. Detail...
Dmitry Malikov Releases a New Album
On October the 15th “25+”, a new song album by Dmitry Malikov, will be released. By selecting such unconventional name for the album which has nothing to do with the 25 plus age restriction, the artist refers to the 25th anniversary of his artistic career that he celebrated on June 25, 2013. Detail...
On June 17th Dmitry Malikov will present his PIANOMANIЯ instrumental show in Perm. The concert will take place as part of the “White Nights” festival on the main stage of the festival grounds. Detail...

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