Piano Moscow
Dmitry Malikov took part in a unique festival "Piano Moscow", which was held on September 6 in the heart of the Russian capital. Five grand pianos were set up from Bogoyavlensky Lane to Lubyanskaya Square. Detail...
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Dmitry Malikov will celebrate his Birthday on stage in Moscow
Dmitry Malikov turns 45 next January!He plans to spend this joyful occasion with friends, family, and fans on stage of Crocus City Hall in Moscow, one of most prestigious venues in Russia. Detail...
Dmitry Malikov and Robert Wells will perform at the House of Music
On April the 1st Dmitry Malikov will be performing at the House of Music. The Russian musician will be joined by his Swedish colleague Robert Wells. Robert is not only very well-known in Scandinavia, but he is also performing to full houses all around the world and has even written music for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Detail...
Dmitry Malikov carried the Olympic Torch
Dmitry Malikov will take part in the Sochi-2014 Paralympic Torch Relay that will pass through Moscow on March the 2nd. Dmitry will run his Olympic distance under number 002 at 10:17AM from Pavilion No. 71 “Nuclear Energy” to Pavilion No. 67 “Press” on the territory of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre. Detail...

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